About Me

I am a 67 year-old retired IT Transition Director who discovered in 2012 that I had prostrate cancer which, despite initial treatment to eradicate it, has now spread to other parts of my body. I’ve been taking various medicines and undergoing other treatments to retard the spread of the disease.

I have not found it easy living with this illness or dealing with the side effects of the treatments. It has been particularly frustrating having to listen to people telling me things like “Oh, don’t worry you’ll be OK – it’s only prostrate cancer and they cure that these days”.

So I’ve started my Blog to try and provide a realistic, layman’s view of things. Maybe it will help other people who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with advanced metastasised prostrate cancer to prepare themselves, and to know that they aren’t the only ones in this situation.

Prior to discovering I was ill I had a keen interest in scuba diving and travelled extensively to the Caribbean, the US and Europe to pursue this hobby. Unfortunately, the side effects of the treatment led to a cerebral infarct – luckily only a minor event – so I can no longer dive. However, I still travel and have developed a new interest – Garden Railways. My site has areas covering these as I didn’t want it to simply be yet another catalogue of events about dealing with cancer.

I expect the site to evolve over time so if you have any constructive feedback on its structure and usability please send it in to the address on the Contact page.