Radium 223 Injection prep

So having found out I’d made a hash of drawing up a suitable injection schedule (see earlier post), I’ve now corrected this and worked out that I’ll be having the course of 6 injections on Tuesdays starting end of Feb. Teach me to get all cocky about how I can still write an Excel formula from scratch…

I’ve had a really helpful dialogue with the team at Mount Vernon hospital who will be administering the injections. They answered all of my questions and have allayed (somewhat) my concerns. Apparently this is a common treatment and the incidence of issues or serious side-effects is low. I know I’ll still worry about things until the treatment is underway, but hopefully I’ll be worrying about the things I typically fret over – e.g. will having a cannula inserted in my wrist be as painful as in the past, will the injection itself be painful, will I feel ill afterwards, will I manage to sort out the cheap rate parking that cancer patients are entitled to at Mount Vernon.

I also confirmed with the team that it will be OK if one of my injections is on the Thursday of the week when it’s due rather than the Tuesday. This was pretty important as on the Wednesday that week I’m going out for the day with my lovely lady to an annual event, and we didn’t want to miss it if at all possible.

To help get things ready for the injection course to start, yesterday I had the first of what I expect to be frequent blood tests over the coming 6 months. I’m not a fan of needles, but time and time again the folks at the blood clinic in my local hospital manage to drain the required amount of blood with minimum discomfort. On this occasion they needed to fill 3 tubes (instead of the usual 1) but I hardly felt anything. I keep saying to them they should get the hospital to install one of those gadgets with 4 coloured buttons that allow you to register how you felt about your “experience”; if they did I’d definitely be hitting that Green button on my way out!

Next on the prep list is a dummy run over to the hospital during rush hour so I can figure out at what time I’ll need to leave when the day to start the injections comes around. M25 at 7:30 am doesn’t sound ideal…

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