Planning for Radium 223 Injections

Today I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to come up with a viable schedule for the course of Radium 223 injections that will hopefully suppress the tumours in my spine and pelvis.

I will be undergoing this treatment at Mount Vernon Hospital and they have provided me with a few constraints that meant scheduling the injections wasn’t straightforward.

First, the injections can only be carried out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Second, for a period of 7 days after the injection I will be radioactive so can’t be in close proximity of children and pregnant women. Given we have a couple of holidays coming up in late February and early March, both of which involve air travel, it’s not been a straightforward planning exercise. But I think I now have a schedule that works – hopefully when I share it with the team at Mount Vernon they’ll agree.

I don’t have too much information as yet on the likely side effects of the injections other than I should expect some nausea and loose(r) bowel movements. Great…

As I find out more I’ll update this part of the Blog.

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