I am a 67 year-old retired IT Transition Director who discovered in 2012 that I had prostrate cancer. I underwent Brachytherapy (iodine seed implant) treatment in early 2013 and it appeared that the cancer had been eradicated.

Not so. In 2014 I found out the cancer had spread beyond my prostrate and that there was no cure for this, only various treatments to try and halt its progress. These started with quarterly hormone injections to prevent my body generating testosterone – prostrate cancer cells “feed” on this – and after a year or so these injections were supplemented with daily Bicalutamide tablets to provide a complete blockade of testosterone.

Although these treatments worked for a while, over time they have started to lose their effectiveness and I recently discovered I am developing tumours in my spine and pelvis. Additional, harsher treatments are now called for to try and reverse the growth of theses tumours and deter others from starting.

I have not found it easy living with this illness or dealing with the side effects of the treatments. It has been particularly frustrating having to listen to people telling me things like “Oh, don’t worry you’ll be OK – it’s only prostrate cancer and they cure that these days”.

So I’ve started this Blog to try and provide a realistic, layman’s view of things. Maybe it will help other people who are unfortunate enough to have to deal with advanced metastasised prostrate cancer to prepare themselves, and to know that they aren’t the only ones in this situation.

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